Diver Competence Theory Assessment System (DCTAS)

DCTAS is an examination system developed for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). DCTAS is used by HSE recognised diver assessment centres to generate PDF theory examinations and marking guides from a large online database of examination questions. Active database maintenance ensures that examinations generated by the system are always up to date.

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Professional Diver Training and Assessment

To find centres where you can undertake professional diver training and assessment, see the list of diver competence assessment organisations available from the HSE website.

Assessment of Academic Ability

To be accepted for professional diving training and assessment you must demonstrate that you have the academic ability to complete the programme. Part of the selection procedure includes an assessment of your proficiency in Mathematics and English. Practice materials are available using the following links:

The actual assessment will be in the same format as these practice materials, but the actual questions and supplementary text will be different. A short writing exercise is also included in the actual assessment. The pass mark for the assessment is 80%.